GeekDiamond is tech start up as private community of Professional Geeks in Asia pacific and India. Core team has formed in November 2014 to test scrum methodology in software development with small scale software projects. Initial purpose of this set up was preparation for  commercial project with coaching team with agile practice in smaller size projects.

Successful experience of Geekdiamonds outlined during of this preparation and testing period convinced the founders to rise this flag in high tensed technology world as a new business firm ready to deliver product and solution to market.  

Geekdiamond have its own unique business process which have been gained high rate customer is dedicated to unleashing innovation by simplifying IT and continually applies good corporate governance principles.Analysts and Investors also have targeted information available to them. Need to talk with someone about Oracle solutions, products, or services? Contact Us!


Geeks who winds here are SHARP, 

Geeks who winds here are Brilliant,

Geeks who winds here are Scarce,



Our Mission:

At GeekDiamon:.

At GeekDiamond, our mission is to enable businesses throughout the world to deploy technology for their business objectives. We accomplishing our mission by providing proper human resource strategy and effective project management methodology associated with appropriate business process/procedure to meet all information technology challenges in today alternating business environment. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers. We deliver on the commitment by striving to fulfill any technology obligation for any industry by relying on right people, effective methods and precise delivery time.

Our Vission:

At GeekDiamon:.

GeekDiamond brand name reflects our vision. People, expertise, methods and value called louder than solution, product, services name. we are talking about people oriented business firm .our vision is to presenting highest flexible technological firm formed by most talented people  and  fortified by latest project and product managements methodology to deliver solution, product and services to the market at the speed of thoughts.

Our Business Procedure:

How it works?

At Geekdiamond : Everything's on time, on budget, with highest possible quality.


Think once , Think twice , Think Agile




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