Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. Communication issues include ad hoc and infrastructure networks as well as communication properties, protocols, data formats and concrete technologies. Hardware includes mobile devices or device components. Mobile software deals with the characteristics and requirements of mobile applications.Mobile Computing is "taking a computer and all necessary files and software out into the field and the system".There are several different dimensions under which mobile computers can be defined: (1) in terms of physical dimensions; (2) in terms of how devices may be hosted; (3) in terms of when the mobility occurs; (4) in terms of how devices are networked; (5) in terms of the type of computing that is performe.
We have rich portfolio of mobile application have devedoped in various platforms.We are focusing to new edge of mobile computing by innovative project has called 360...Geekdiamond
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Bus tracking system ordered by faculty of transportation of National University of Malaysia

A bus tracking app with real time tracking technology implementation

A mobile application for reviewing news by using Rss and xmpp protocol


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