For years .NET is the basic strategy of Microsoft software. Contains mostly called .NET Framework, which represents the basis for the development and implementation of powerful programs. The concept is firmly oriented communication software and bet on open standards such as XML and Web services.Apart from an extensive library of classes, several other modules belonging to this program, such a conception enhanced security, ASP.NET (web part) and tools such as programming languages . From the appearance of the Windows Server 2003 operating system, the .NET Framework common form of the volume of delivery of Windows. The new Windows 7 comes with version 3.5 of the Framework.The .Net technology in general has revolutionized the world of software development fulfilling its premise connect people, devices and systems on internet. .Net Response to market needs are practically in real time, companies and professionals must keep up with advances and new techniques introduced in this platform. But why do so many versions of the Framework? Why everything is going so fast? hmmm prefer to stay with what I have ....
Geekdiamond Co-founder are proficient enough in Microsoft programing languages . Many of geekdiamond prototype have developed using the Microsoft .Net library. We are confident to deliver any kind of challenging technical projects. ...Geekdiamond
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